What are the ways in which the algorithm harms our youth?

As a result of their algorithms, companies like Facebook and Instagram cause users to develop dangerous and even life-threatening habits. The social network that once enabled people to connect has now become a toxic minefield. Social media use is causing harm to young adults and parents now, but they are fighting back. 

Young adults and kids are at risk because of Facebook’s algorithm

An ex-Facebook employee hacked the company’s own data, revealing that Instagram’s Explore page, which serves users curated posts from different accounts, pushes users toward harmful content.

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The following lawsuits were filed last week in Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas. Moreover, we need to address the harms detailed during the October hearing. As well as previous filed lawsuits, which testified before the It is also alleged that more recent cases of excessive exposure to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have resulted in life-threatening injuries, including eating disorders, sleeplessness, and attempts to commit suicide, according to the Senate lawsuit titled “Protecting Kids Online: Testimony from a Facebook Whistleblower.”

Both Facebook and Instagram were accused of deliberately creating their products to be addictive and manipulative, ignoring their extensive knowledge of the psychological effects of continued use. According to the journal, the leaked documents provided a presentation of Meta’s data that Zuckerberg was allegedly shown. During the presentation, slides were displayed with research about teen girls who struggle with these issues. Approximately one in three teens experience body image issues because of us, one slide stated. Instagram was blamed for increasing anxiety and depression among young adults, according to another slide. As indicated by the presentation, “the reaction was unprompted and consistent across all groups.” The leaked documents also revealed that 13% of British and 6% of American users who reported suicidal thoughts credited Instagram with their desire to commit suicide.

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What can I do to protect myself or my child from social media algorithms?

It’s a simple yes or no question. 

While Meta and other tech companies are able to keep users coming back for more through algorithms, you can still protect yourself or others from being victimized. To help parents monitor their children’s Instagram activity and set time limits, Meta developed a number of tools and processes on their platforms. Their tools also include “Take a Break” reminders to help users take a break from their social media apps. However, it still begs the question of why their ‘break methods’ aren’t sufficient to help users build healthy boundaries away from their sites. 

For those looking for an outside solution to creating space from their use or their child’s time on these addictive social media platforms, below we have listed some of the most common methods:

  • Limit phone use during the day
  • Meal times should be free of phones
  • Social media sites can be locked using parental controls
  • The process of removing social media apps from your device
  • Leaving your phone outside your bedroom at night is not a good idea
  • In reality, these methods can take some time to help you detox from your social apps, but with some time and dedication, you can see some improvement in your health. 

Social Media Algorithms: How Do They Injure Us?

It will be challenging, however, to spot injuries caused by social media use in these cases because we are aware of the ways to treat the damaging side effects of the use of social media. You or your child may have been negatively impacted by social media algorithms if you observe some of the signs listed below.

  • Attempting to commit suicide or self-harm
  • Obtained a disorder such as bulimia, body dysmorphia, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Engaging in social media for a significant amount of time
  • Making social media use a part of your day with friends
  • Coping with negative emotions through social media
  • Having fewer hobbies and other activities
  • I’m depressed or distant from my friends or family 

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