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boston speeding accident lawyers

Speeding Car Accidents Are Preventable

Boston drivers are aggressive and often in a hurry. Drivers who drive at high speed or drive too fast for road conditions put themselves and others at risk of serious injury. Speeding is a common factor is many Boston car accidents. Speeding drivers have less control of their vehicle and less time to react to avoid a collision.

nearly 100 people died in speeding related accident in massachusetts in a recent year, according to federal data.

Speeding accidents are preventable accidents caused by a driver’s negligence and disregard for safety.

Collecting Damages for Boston Speeding Accident Injuries

Drivers in Massachusetts have a legal duty to other motorists to drive safely, share the road and obey traffic laws. You may be entitled to seek compensation to cover your medical expenses and other losses, if you were harmed in a speed-related accident caused by another driver. But you have to prove that the at-fault driver was negligent in a speed-related accident and is liable for your injuries.

If you hire Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, you will receive personalized attention from an experienced Boston accident attorney. We understand that you and your family are going through a trying time after a serious accident and we want to help you move forward. You will deal directly with a lawyer rather than a paralegal. We will answer your questions and explain the process step by step. We will work aggressively on your behalf and keep you informed of our progress.

How Our Boston Speeding Car Accident Lawyers Can Help You

After a speed-related car accident, an injured individual has to present proof that he or she is entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver and the driver’s insurance company.. That is where a seasoned Boston car accident attorney can assist you..

A car accident lawyer at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers will investigate your accident and identify all the drivers who were speeding or who are potentially liable for your injuries caused by the crash.

We will gather evidence that the at-fault driver was exceeding the posted speed limit or driving too fast for road or weather conditions. We will gather police records, photographic evidence and witness statements about the accident. We will show that the speeding driver’s actions were negligent and led to your injuries.

How Dangerous Are Speeding Car Accidents?

Speeding affects the number and severity of car accidents in three basic ways:

speeding affects the number and severity of car accidents in three basic ways:

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, nearly a third of all fatal traffic accidents in 2013 involved excessive speed. Speeding is a factor in accidents involving drivers of all ages, but young people are more likely to drive too fast and be involved in speed-related accidents.

Drivers who refuse to obey traffic laws and endanger others by driving too fast should be held accountable when they cause harm.

How Much Compensation Can You Get for a Speeding Accident?

Our proven approach is to conduct a thorough investigation of each serious traffic accident we handle, as if the case is going to trial. In some cases, we may work with traffic accident reconstruction experts who provide an independent analysis of what occurred and give expert testimony if the case goes to trial. That allows us to build a stronger claim and negotiate from a position of strength.

We will calculate your present and future medical expenses and loss of income if you are unable to work for an extended period of time.  We may use a life planner if you have sustained a disabling injury that will lead to temporary or permanent limitations on your ability to work and earn income. Every accident has unique factors so we need to review the specifics of your accident to have an idea of the value of your car accident injury claim.

boston speeding accident attorneys

We will analyze the facts of your accident and apply our perspective from having handled similar speeding accident cases to determine how much compensation you should seek. Our perspective of what an injury claim should be worth prevents an insurance company from taking advantage of you with a low settlement offer. It is part of the reason you should have a lawyer represent you after a serious injury accident.. Beware of any attorney who guarantees to get you a specific amount of compensation for your injury.

Don’t Speak to Insurance Companies Without a Lawyer

We will represent you aggressively in dealings with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. You should never give a statement to a representative of the other driver’s insurance company without consulting a lawyer first.

An insurance adjuster may act friendly and concerned about your health. But they are interested is minimizing the amount of money the insurance company representing the at-fault driver has to pay. If you talk to an insurance adjuster without legal representation, the insurance company may use your well-intentioned words against you later to deny or reduce your claim. If contacted by an insurance representative, you should decline to speak with them and refer them to your attorney.

We will advocate for your best interests, not those of an insurance company. We represent injured individuals, not insurance companies.

speeding accident attorneyWe will negotiate aggressively on your behalf, using the evidence we have gathered to support the value of your case. In many instances, the negotiations involve offers and counter offers before a settlement is reached. We will consult with you about any offer we receive and whether it represents a fair settlement.

Most cases are settled prior to trial. But we will not settle for less than the full value of the claim. If the insurance company offers a fair settlement, the case will be resolved and you will receive a check.

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speeding accident lawyerMany people believe they cannot afford a lawyer.  But we handle speeding accident injury claims on a contingency basis. That means you do not pay any upfront costs. We receive payment only if we obtain money for you by negotiating a settlement or obtaining a jury award. We explain at the outset how much we will receive if we obtain compensation for you. The percentage that you agree to pay us if we obtain money for you is set out in the retainer agreement.

We know that dealing with a serious accident can seem overwhelming. It is not a burden that you have to carry alone. An experienced Boston auto accident attorney at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers can guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your medical bills and other expenses. We have the experience that counts. Contact us today.

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