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salem, ma car accidents lawyerHave you recently been injured in a car accident in Salem, MA? You could be eligible to recover compensation from the other driver and their insurer. A car accident lawyer in Salem, MA from Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers can help you get it. Our firm focuses on car accident victims in Massachusetts. We protect their rights and help them win money to pay for their medical bills, lost earnings, and other losses associated with their injury.

Because Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers understand that results are what matter, we do not charge for anything else. That means you pay us nothing until we recover money for you. It is that simple. You can learn more about your legal options and how we can help by setting up a free, no-obligation case evaluation today. To reach a member of our team in Salem, call our office now at (800) LAW-GUYS.

After a Salem Car Accident, Call Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers

After a car accident, your first course of action should be to seek medical care. Even if you do not feel or outwardly appear injured, you should still get checked out by a doctor to make sure you do not have any internal injuries.

Also, if you do happen to be injured, the sooner you get checked out, the better for your case. You do not want too much time to elapse between your accident and your medical exam since this provides the other side with an opening to suggest that something in between may have caused or contributed to your injuries.

After you receive medical care, your next move should be to speak with a lawyer about your accident. The Salem car accident lawyers at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers offer several advantages over the competition..

We Fight for Your Rights

As soon as your lawyer from Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers takes your case, they get to work investigating your accident, gathering evidence, and building your case. No matter how your accident occurred or what the other party is claiming, we protect your rights and fight aggressively on your behalf.

We Know the Laws and Use Them to Your Advantage

Massachusetts has unique and complex car insurance liability laws. Our firm conducts regular training to ensure our associates stay ahead of the curve and remain intimately familiar with the latest nuances of these laws. Our knowledge and resources position us to maintain the upper hand when fighting for car accident victims in Salem.

We Can Help Even If You Were at Fault

In Massachusetts, the partial fault for a car accident does not disqualify a victim from recovering compensation. We can help you get paid even if your actions contributed to the accident. Do not let the other party or the insurance company tell you that you are ineligible. Speak with us first. We will fight them on your behalf and present evidence showing that you deserve to get paid.

Before Talking to the Insurance Company, Talk to Us

It is never a good idea to discuss your accident with an insurance company representative before speaking with a car accident lawyer in Salem, MA. You may say something that the insurance company twists or takes out of context to weaken or deny your claim. Often, the representative will seem friendly but will use cunning tactics to elicit such statements from you.

It is also unwise to accept an insurance company settlement offer without a lawyer reviewing it. We have helped many clients get paid substantially more than the insurance company initially offered. To find out more about how we can help you, call Michael Kelly personal Injury Lawyers today at (800) LAW-GUYS.

We Focus on Getting You Paid So You Can Focus on Your Recovery

At Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, we believe our clients’ efforts should be focused on one thing after a car accident: recovering and getting their lives back in order. That is why your car accident lawyer in Salem, MA will take care of everything else, from the paperwork to all the other legal matters that must get done after an accident. Our goal is to take the post-accident stress off your shoulders and put it on ours.

When you work with our team, we will never leave you in the dark or make you chase us down to get an update on your case. Our staff is always available and always eager to hear from you.

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