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somerville personal injury lawyerHave you or someone you know suffered trauma as a result of another person’s neglect or carelessness? If so, you have the right to recover damages. However, Massachusetts law states that one must file a claim against the at-fault person, entity, or company to get compensation for the accident. The nature of your claim will determine whether to file a claim.

While you can choose to handle the claim on your own, hiring a professional Somerville personal injury lawyer can make the process a lot easier. Michael Kelly will direct you through the process and see to it that you are adequately compensated for your accident.

Many people will be overwhelmed, frightened, and even anxious in the aftermath of an accident. Many won’t have any idea what to do next. The first thing you should do is get yourself proper medical treatment. After your doctor has cleared you, you can think about speaking with a lawyer. Michael Kelly offers free case reviews; call (857) 425-3662 and schedule yours today.

How Much Does a Somerville Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

Personal injury attorneys usually work on a contingency basis, meaning they only earn money after winning your case. The fact that the lawyer will only make money after the lawsuit is won is a strong incentive to making sure you get the highest compensation possible.

The majority of lawyers ask for between 25% and 40% of the settlement amount. The percentage charged also is dependent on just how much time your lawyer ends up needing to put into your claim. If you are able to reach a settlement agreement with the insurance company, your legal expenses will be considerably lower. This is because you will not need to go to trial, which can be expensive.

Other payment agreements might be offered for specific cases. You might be able to select to pay a flat fee for the service or have the attorneys bill you for each hour they spend on your case. However, most clients are happy with the contingency fee.

Why Hire a Somerville Personal Injury Lawyer at Michael Kelly?

Our attorneys are fully equipped and experienced in taking on insurance companies that don’t want to pay your claim. With us on your side, you won’t have to worry about dealing with them yourself.

We will review your claim from all angles, gather evidence, and build a strong case to get you the maximum compensation. And because our attorneys work on a contingency basis, you won’t have to worry about paying legal fees unless we win.

How Long Will My Case Take to Settle?

Your rehabilitation process establishes how large or small your settlement will be. The attorneys handling your accident must work very closely with your physicians, among other medical professionals, to establish a solid case. After acquiring conclusive medical records and costs, the attorneys can begin assessing the info to make a sound case. The lawyers work with formal medical records as evidence in court to prove your case. Your medical records can also be used to demonstrate how the injuries suffered have affected your life and wellbeing.

No two cases are the same. Their unique nature makes it almost impossible to identify just how much time it will require to reach a settlement. With that said, all you should be bothered with is recovering. The attorneys at Michael Kelly put your recovery and well being before anything else.

What Damages Can I Get Compensated For?

You can only be compensated for the losses suffered because of the at-fault party’s neglect. Monetary compensation is meant to enable you to go back to your ordinary way of living. Some of the damages you can be compensated for include:

Economic Damages

Economic damages are meant to repay you for subjective losses accrued from the damages. You will have to be able to supply evidence through verifiable means. Documents and billings for doctor visits, medical treatments, surgery, medications, hospitalizations, individualized emergency attention, and other medical services can be used as evidence for this. You can also submit receipts for repair jobs for damage to your car and other property. If your injuries impacted how well you can work, or if they make it so you cannot go back to work, you can submit previous pay stubs and bank records to establish lost income.

Non-Economic Damages

This part of your personal injury case can be fairly challenging to show. Non-economic damages encompass the difficulties you needed to go through due to the injuries. These include things like disability, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, scars, emotional distress, blemishes, physical impairment, and loss of consortium, among others. Although not easily quantifiable, a knowledgeable Somerville personal injury lawyer will apply a variety of methods and practices to establish an amount. An inexperienced person may have a difficult time showing these damages to insurance providers or a judge.

We Handle Most Personal Injury Accident Cases

We at Michael Kelly handle a wide range of personal injury cases. Our team of qualified lawyers will examine your claim to see what angle can be taken, and give you an idea of how much your compensation might be. The types of claims we handle include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents most often happen while at work, retail stores, and even parking lots.. Most cases are a result of negligence, and can actually result in some pretty serious injuries. Should you experience injuries in this form of accident, you can file a claim to be compensated for your damages. Get in touch with a slip and fall accident attorney to look over your case and submit a claim on your behalf.

Automobile Accidents

Even the most experienced drivers can be involved in a collision. According to research, more than 2 million people are involved in car accidents each year, and many suffer severe injuries. If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, our skilled car accident lawyers in Somerville will work hard to get you compensation.

An important part of a car accident claim is figuring out what caused the crash and who is at fault. The most common causes of automobile accidents in Somerville include:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Texting while driving
  • Sleepy driving
  • Speeding

Motorcycle Accidents

With motorcycle crashes making up 14% of all traffic fatalities, it’s obvious they can be dangerous to ride. With the rider vulnerable to the road and other elements, the risk of sustaining a serious injury is much higher than if they were protected by a car. The only thing that there is protecting you from the road is a helmet.

Cases of negligent drivers, careless driving, defective bikes, and drivers that don’t see motorcycle riders can lead to deadly wrecks.. If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle crash, you should reach out to a Somerville motorcycle wreck attorney right away.

Workplace Accidents

Most workplace accidents go unreported. This leaves many employees struggling with the damages and never getting compensation for their injuries. Some of the most common workplace accidents include:

Although workers’ comp will usually cover most workplace-related accidents, you may be forced to seek compensation for injuries that are not covered. One example of this is equipment failure or malfunction that leads to an injury. In this case, you may be able to file a claim against the manufacturer.

Workers’ Compensation

Your employer’s workers’ comp plan comes into play if you get hurt while at work. All you have to do as an employee is notify your company, who will then process your claim with the respective insurance provider. While most workers’ compensation claims get approved, there are times when they are denied. If this happens to you, contact a Somerville workers’ comp lawyer to see what your options are.

Truck Accidents

Commercial vehicles weigh quite a bit more than SUVs and sedans, and tend to cause considerable injuries when they get into a crash. You will want an experienced truck accident lawyer in Somerville by your side if you get injured in a tractor-trailer accident. Michael Kelly has what it takes to go against corporate attorneys and truck insurance companies.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many people would like to think they are safe strolling through the city streets. Though this may be true, the number of reported pedestrian accident cases is surprising. Anything can happen on the roads, such as a speeding vehicle running a red light, a bus driver losing control and going into the sidewalks, and even getting run over by a motorcycle or bike. It’s a good idea to reach out to a Somerville personal injury lawyer should you get injured in a pedestrian accident. The attorney will evaluate your options and advise you on the best legal options.

Bicycle Accidents

Lots of people these days prefer cycling to driving. While biking may be environmentally-friendly, it puts you against some immediate dangers of the road. This includes fast automobiles and careless drivers. Most bicycle accidents happen because of drivers that didn’t see the bicycle or failed to yield. For this reason, you need to be extra careful when riding on major roads or busy streets. Should you get into a bicycle accident due to a driver’s negligence and sustain major injuries, you may be eligible for compensation.

Defective Products

Many people have been victims of defective products, with young children being among the most common victims. Even though product manufacturers are always striving to deliver the best products, a simple mistake might make the product hazardous to the consumer. One example of this is if the manufacturer doesn’t put out a safety warning on their product. The safety warning is meant to inform the user of potential hazards if the product is mishandled, and even provide directions on how to use the product correctly.

You can then sue the manufacturer for damages if you have been injured because of a defective product. Hiring a professional lawyer can help you win your case; contact us right away for a free case evaluation.

E-Scooter Accidents

Electric scooters have taken the city by storm. Almost everyone, notably sightseers, travelers, and college students, wants to own or ride one. These neat electric scooters have made commuting short distances easy. However, the number of electric scooter accidents has been on the rise, with some resulting in serious injuries. This has forced some cities to prohibit the use of e-scooters in public spaces and streets.

Should you be injured due to an electric scooter accident, it might be a good idea to file a claim for damages. Reach out to a Somerville electric scooter accident attorney for help.

Types of Personal Injuries

Every one of the accidents discussed earlier can result in a wide range of injuries. Our lawyers can handle many of these injuries, including:

We always urge our clients to get a comprehensive medical examination as soon as possible after an accident, however minor it seems to be. Sometimes, injuries that look irrelevant at face value might result in lifelong issues later on. A medical examination can help identify these injuries, and a skilled lawyer will make sure you get appropriate compensation.

Serious injuries might be quite difficult to manage. Our skilled team of attorneys has been fighting insurance company attorneys for years and will help you get fair treatment and compensation for your damages. We will deal with the insurance company for you, enabling you to focus on recovering.

Your Rights as an Accident Victim

Accidents occur all the time. Sometimes you might be at fault, and sometimes another party is at fault. Whatever the case may be, you have to make sure your rights are preserved. Having a lawyer will help make sure you aren’t pressed to agree to bad terms.

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries, you can submit a claim against the other person. If they are at fault for the injuries, they should pay for injuries or damages you sustained. And working with a great attorney will help you to establish and also file your insurance claim. Your lawyer may need to hire experts, mainly private detectives, to help confirm your case.

When To Consult With a Somerville Personal Injury Lawyer?

Once a medical professional has given you an examination, you should then call a Somerville personal injury lawyer. The attorney will advise you on the best legal recourse and what is required for you to win your case. Our lawyers will then evaluate your case and look into your medical reports to figure out if the case is worth pursuing.

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