The prospect of a slip and fall accident is possible in any place and at any time. Those of you who live in the Boston/Waltham area may already know this if you have lived here long enough during our winters. Snow and ice often create tumultuous conditions that lead to countless slip and fall incidents. In fact, a few years ago, the Boston area went through one of our worst ever winters. It led to a record amount of slips and falls from those trying to navigate on ice. Still, it’s not always ice that causes falls. Many slip and falls occur in Waltham that don’t relate to the weather.

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What Should You Do After Waltham Slip and Fall Accident?

Falling can happen so fast. You may hardly remember what happened before realizing you were badly injured. For this reason, you should always seek medical treatment immediately if you experience a fall. Even if you think you do not have injuries, you may notice more serious problems just a day or two later.

Once you are given medical treatment, contact a slip and fall attorney immediately if you fell on another person’s property. Those of you in the Waltham area will find many attorneys covering this legal niche. Our team at Michael Kelly has extensive experience in dealing with slips and falls. We can provide immediate help.

After you choose your attorney, the attorney will visit the site of the accident to gather evidence. The attorney also will educate you on what kind of legal case you have and the evidence you need to gather.

What Are Common Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in Waltham?

All slip and fall accidents are called premises liability cases. Your case may eventually lead to a personal lawsuit filed by you, the accident victim. Before we can help you with a lawsuit, we will first give you a free consultation and determine the circumstances of your case.

A prompt investigation is imperative to make your case compelling. The longer you wait to get legal help, the more difficult gathering evidence from the scene becomes. So, get in touch with Michael Kelly today. We will help you to determine exactly what happened.

Some of the common causes of slip and fall accidents in Waltham are:

  • Holes in the ground, especially potholes – You might step in one of these holes in the dark, throwing you down to the ground. These accidents can happen in a few seconds, sometimes leading to serious head injuries, broken bones or lacerations. Boston is already notorious for being unable to keep up with potholes that continue to form each winter.
  • Broken steps or stairways – You may have to climb steps when visiting a residence or a business, and owners of the property may fail to keep those steps safe for visitors. It’s easy for business owners to overlook this. Yet, it yields some of the most common slip and fall injuries.
  • Wet floors or spilled liquids – No matter where you are, wet pavement or other slippery liquids can cause multiple falls. One couple fell into Boston Harbor last May due to a slippery surface while dancing. Of course, the Waltham area gets intense rain as well as snow, leading to slippery sidewalks.
  • Inadequate lighting along walkways or steps – Some people neglect to invest in good lighting around precarious areas of their property. This ultimately leads to further slip and fall cases due to negligence.. All homes and businesses should have good lighting along dangerous walkways.

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