4 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Social Media According to Natick Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers

May 22, 2023

Were you aware that seven out of every ten Americans use social media?

When it comes to legal matters, what you post on social media can have serious consequences.

Are you wondering what could harm your case? Keep reading to learn about four things you shouldn’t do on social media, according to motorcycle accidents lawyers in Natick, MA.

1. Posting on Social Media

One of the first things you should refrain from doing after a motorcycle accident is posting about it on social media. While expressing your frustration or shock may be tempting, for instance, doing so can negatively affect your case.

Both insurance companies and defense attorneys usually scroll through people’s social media platforms. They’re hunting for evidence that can undermine your claims. This could be anything from photos to videos.

If you post about the accident online, it might weaken your position. It could even jeopardize your chances of receiving fair compensation.

2. Discussing Ongoing Legal Proceedings

Discussing your personal injury claim or ongoing legal proceedings on social media is a serious problem. While you may want to seek advice from friends and family, such discussions can be detrimental to your case. If you have to speak with your loved ones, you should do so over the phone or in person.

By discussing matters online, defense attorneys can use your words against you to discredit your claims. Instead, you can maintain confidentiality by seeking legal advice from your accident attorney.

3. Inconsistent Activity During a Motorcycle Accident Case

Maintaining consistency in your online and offline behavior is crucial.
Suppose you claim to have sustained severe injuries that prevent you from engaging in certain activities. Your social media posts may suggest otherwise.

In that case, you could raise doubts about the validity of your claims.

The last thing you’d want is for insurance providers and defense attorneys to see these potential contradictions. It’s advisable to be mindful of what you post and avoid sharing sensitive content.

4. Accepting Friend Requests

When involved in a motorcycle accident case, it’s also worth being cautious about accepting friend requests.

You may be surprised to learn that insurance companies and defense attorneys can create fake profiles. They do this as a way of gaining access to your private information.

They’ll have no qualms about collecting evidence to dispute your claims. If you’d like to protect yourself, it’s best to limit your social media presence during this time. Be sure to reject friend requests from strange people, too.

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