5 Common Causes of Car Accidents in Boston

January 17, 2023

In 2021, 413 people died from car accidents in Massachusetts. Many additional people encountered minor and major injuries from collisions. 

Car accidents are never pleasant, regardless of whether you’re the victim or the at-fault driver. But you can take steps to reduce your risks of encountering an accident.

The first step is to learn the common causes of car accidents. Knowing the causes can help you drive defensively and properly to avoid causing an accident or being a victim.

So keep reading to learn about the top five common causes of car accidents in Boston. 

1. Bad Weather Conditions

Boston is a city that experiences all four seasons, and the winters can be dangerous for drivers. In the winter, snow and ice land on the roads, making road conditions dangerous. 

Among all the causes of car accidents, inclement weather tops the chart. When you combine speeding and aggressive driving to this factor, accident numbers increase even more.

If you have to drive in inclement conditions, drive slowly and take your time. However, you can file a car accident claim for compensation if you’re injured from a car accident due to bad weather.

2. Speeding

Posted speed limits are there for a reason. They tell drivers how fast they can go, and their purpose is to keep the roads safer. However, some drivers travel at higher rates than the posted limits.

Stopping a vehicle is more challenging when you’re driving faster. As a result, accidents occur.

Another thing to note is that car accident injuries are worse when drivers travel at faster rates. Therefore, you can prevent accidents caused by speeding by controlling your speed. 

3. Driving Distractions

Taking your eyes off the road for even a second can lead to an accident. But unfortunately, many people take their eyes off the road more often than they think. 

For example, people text while driving. Others change the radio station, look things up on their phones, or eat. These distractions prevent drivers from reacting quickly. 

Distractions while driving are a leading cause of auto accidents. The best way to prevent these incidents is by keeping your eyes on the road. 

4. Impaired Driving

Impaired drivers have less judgment and slower reaction times. Yet, many people drive while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or medications. 

You can contact a car accident lawyer if you’re the victim of an impaired driver accident. Additionally, you can avoid causing an accident like this by choosing not to drive while under the influence. 

5. Fatigue

Another thing to avoid is getting behind the wheel of a car while tired. Driving is relaxing. So if you drive while you’re tired, you could easily fall asleep. 

Instead of driving while tired, wait until you feel rested enough to drive before getting in your vehicle. 

Learn the Causes of Car Accidents to Avoid Them

You might avoid being a victim or at-fault driver of a collision by learning the causes of car accidents. Of course, you can still encounter collisions even if you practice safe-driving habits.

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