5 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

November 8, 2022

Did you know that commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds? With vehicles of this size, it’s hard not to think about potential accidents.

Oftentimes, a person involved in a truck collision will suffer grave injuries. In this case, the only priority is getting them the help they need. If the situation isn’t that serious, though, there are a few other things they should do.

Were you fortunate enough to walk away from a truck accident with minor injuries? If so, follow this guide to preserve your rights and legal options.

1. Call the Police

The very first thing you should do is contact the authorities. In most cases, this is as simple as calling 911. Tell them how many people were involved in the accident so they can send the right number of ambulances.

Even if the accident is relatively minor, you should still call 911. That’s the best way to obtain a police report and accurately document the accident. This will be very useful if you decide to hire a truck accident lawyer.

2. Seek Medical Attention

Seek medical attention as soon as possible, even if you don’t think you’re hurt. Many serious injuries don’t have immediate symptoms. For instance, internal bleeding is something only a doctor can diagnose.

Don’t settle for getting examined by an emergency technician at the scene. Seeking a full medical evaluation proves you’ve taken measures to prevent further damage. It also proves the origin of your truck accident injury.

3. Collect Evidence

If it’s safe for you to walk around, gather evidence of the accident. Start by asking the other driver for their personal information, including their phone number. Make note of the time and location of the accident.

Next, take photos of any conditions that may have led to the accident. That includes road conditions (like potholes) and weather conditions (like poor visibility). Capture images of the vehicles and license plates as well.

4. Find Witnesses

If no cameras captured the accident, try to find people who saw it happen. Unlike the drivers, they have nothing to lose or gain from the case. As such, their statements are often instrumental in establishing responsibility.

Make sure to approach witnesses as soon as you can. If they’re a bystander, they’ll likely leave once they see the situation is under control. Talk to them before that happens and ask for their contact information.

5. Protect Your Rights

After the accident, try not to say more than you need to. Even if you think you were at fault, keep it to yourself until you talk to a truck accident attorney. Saying too much may scupper your insurance claim.

A repair estimate can also play a key role in filing an insurance claim. That’s why you should have your vehicle appraised before repairing it. Contact your insurance company to see what else to submit before filing the claim.

This Is What to Do After a Truck Accident

Handling a truck accident is tough, especially if you haven’t been in that situation before. The above guide covers the basics, but we recommend you hire a lawyer to guide you through the legal process.

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