Do Boston Injury Lawyers Help With Uber Accidents?

April 21, 2022

Do Boston injury lawyers help when you get into an Uber accident? Find the answer to this question and learn the different ways an attorney can assist you.

Like in every other city, Uber accidents occur in Boston. These automobile crashes often result in bodily injury and property damage. Victims could suffer spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and other debilitating wounds. 

If you got injured in an accident involving a Uber rideshare vehicle, don’t fret. A personal injury attorney will help you with your accident settlement claim and get fair compensation from the liable party. 

However, many Uber vehicle accident victims do not know how a lawyer can help them get financial recovery. This article discusses Uber car crashes and what an experienced Uber accident lawyer will do for you.  

Uber in Boston  

Uber is one of the most used rideshare services in Boston. Users can make a ride request from the company’s mobile app and get a ride in a short time. As a result, many Boston residents choose to move around with an Uber to enjoy the unique convenience. However, the rideshare phenomenon isn’t centuries old. 

Rideshare companies like Uber only began to gain ground a little over a decade ago. Therefore, regulations will take a while to cover every grey area associated with the driving network service. Meandering through this maze of legal complexities and grey areas is where a skilled and knowledgeable attorney should come in.

However, some laws are already established. For instance, Massachusetts General Law for ridesharing mandates Uber to provide insurance coverage for their drivers with at least 1 million dollars in liability. This liability coverage is for drivers on active duty and caters for events such as bodily injury, wrongful death, or property damage. The state law also sets insurance policy standards for rideshare vehicles.  

So, it is quite possible to secure satisfactory compensation. You only need to hire lawyers with extensive experience to get the job done. 

Uber Accidents in Boston 

In April 2021, a Boston auto accident involving a Uber led to the paralysis of 30-year-old Boston chef William Good. It turned out that the Uber driver had a messy driving record that featured more than 20 citations spanning over two decades. 

According to best industry practices, Uber shouldn’t have hired this potentially negligent driver. Uber’s negligence in the hiring process led to a lawsuit worth 63 million dollars.  

Rideshare drivers are independent contractors exposed to accident risk like every average driver. Also, Uber cannot control what happens on the road. So, the onus is on the drivers to practice safe driving.

Uber drivers have to maintain speed limits, drive cautiously, and shun impaired driving to avoid getting involved in frequent accidents on Boston roads. Failure to do this will result in one of the following types of auto collision: 

  • Hit-and-Run Accidents

A hit-and-run crash occurs when the driver flees the scene rather than waiting for first responders and a police officer to arrive. An Uber driver will likely flee an accident scene because of the effect it will have on their record, especially if they are the liable party. Common contributors to this ancient type are impaired driving, aggressive driving, or reckless driving.

Head-ons crashes happen when two vehicles collide from opposite directions. For example, this kind of collision can occur when an Uber driver chooses to drive on a one-way road. 

  • Multiple Vehicle Collisions

Multiple vehicle collisions are crashes involving more than two vehicles. The impact doesn’t necessarily happen at the same time. Usually, it takes one mishap to result in a chain of crashes. Overspeeding and distracted driving are common causes of multiple vehicle wrecks. 

  • Side and Rear-End Collisions 

Side crashes may occur when a driver attempts to turn into a road without checking for oncoming vehicles. As a result, their car crashes into the side of another. Rear-end crashes occur when a driver runs into another car from behind. 

Disobedience to traffic lights is a significant cause of side collisions. Overspeeding and failure to keep safe distances between cars are the common reasons for Boston rear-end collisions.

What You Should Do at the Rideshare Accident Scene

Were you involved in a Boston Uber accident? There are several steps you can take on the spot. These steps will help establish the facts of the crash and smoothen your compensation recovery process. 

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may be too injured or not composed enough. However, it would be best to take as many measures as possible. 

  • Don’t Leave the Scene Immediately 

After an auto accident, you may be tempted to vacate the scene for several reasons. Don’t. Leaving the location of the accident may dent your chances of recovering substantial compensation. 

While it is the responsibility of the at-fault Uber driver to report the incident, you also have a part to play. So instead, pullover or move out of the road to a safe place. If you are hurt very badly, stay where you are. 

  • Call the Police 

Dial 911 to call the police. The presence of a police officer is crucial to establishing a solid case against the Uber insurance company. In addition, the police have a duty to make an official crash report. 

In the eyes of the law, a police report on the accident outweighs your testimony in credibility. So, cooperate with police officers when they arrive and answer questions honestly. 

  • Get Treatment 

Auto accidents usually come with bodily injury. Emergency medical personnel know how to handle injury victims in ways that will mitigate the effect of the crash. When an emergency medical team arrives, you mustn’t refuse treatment. 

Whether you feel good or not, ensure that you cooperate with the medical team. Some injuries develop or worsen with time. The work of the emergency medical team will go a long way in reducing the effects of the most severe injuries.

  • Document the Facts and Take Pictures 

It is also important to take pictures of the accident scene. If you have your smartphone, take photos from several angles. You could ask someone to help you out with this if you are injured. Write down your account of the incident. Also, include the visible injuries and any other information that may be relevant.  

Next, secure the services of a car accident attorney. You have a better chance of winning with a sound lawyer. In addition, your attorney should be experienced and have a good track record in handling car accident cases. 

Do Boston Injury Lawyers Help With Uber Accidents?

Yes, they do!

After listening to your account of the incident, your lawyer would investigate further to get more information. Afterward, your injury attorney will determine the responsible parties. This may include Uber, the Uber driver, and even the municipality. 

As mentioned earlier, Uber has responsibility for the kind of drivers they recruit. Therefore, any lapse in this area will make the company liable for the accident. Your lawyer can also sue the Uber driver directly if they are guilty. Afterward, your injury attorney will determine your accident claims and contact the driver’s insurance company.

Your lawyer should be able to negotiate with the company’s insurance provider towards getting compensation. Auto accident cases usually end on the negotiation table as the rideshare company won’t want to be at the mercy of a judge. 

However, if negotiation breaks down, your lawyer can take the only step available, which is litigation. Your auto accident lawyer will file an accident lawsuit in court and get a date for the hearing. They will prove that the opposing party owes you compensation during the court process.

Your lawyer’s responsibility is to furnish the court with compelling evidence and a superior argument to win and attract punitive damages, if requested. Your Uber accident attorneys must also justify the personal injury claim’s value. 

Depending on the severity of the accident, your lawyer will help you claim compensation for any or a combination of the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, etc.

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