5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney After an Electric Scooter Accident

June 7, 2023

Electric scooters. They can be a very convenient way to get around. However, that does not mean that electric scooters are safe.

Surprisingly, you are more likely to get injured riding an electric scooter than riding a motorcycle.

What if you find yourself in a scooter accident? Well, you may want to consider hiring an attorney.

Why should you hire a lawyer for an electric scooter accident? Here are five of our biggest reasons.

1. Courtroom Knowledge

The first reason why you should consider hiring a lawyer is because of their courtroom knowledge. They are most likely a lawyer that works in the local area that has experience in this field.

As a result, they are going to know how a courtroom proceeding goes. On top of this, they have likely worked with the judge in your case before. They may have even had cases against the lawyer that you could go up against.

The point is that they can offer experience and knowledge of a courtroom that you simply do not have.

2. Diving Deeper

Another reason why you should hire a lawyer is because they will likely take a deeper dive into your case. They may question things that you never thought of, such as the condition of the scooter, who had the right of way on the street, where you were riding the scooter, and more.

Getting these details may make you realize you have a legitimate case to receive compensation for this accident. Or, a lawyer can spare you your time and tell you in advance that you have no case.

3. Legal Muscle

If this is a case against the electric scooter company, they are likely to bring in very experienced lawyers to handle the case. If you are alone, these lawyers may try to bully you into backing off.

Having a lawyer on your side can help provide you with legal muscle and somebody to neutralize them.

4. No Advance Fees

With these types of cases, you only have to pay a contingency fee rather than paying the lawyer in advance. This means that instead of a lawyer taking your money at the beginning of your case, they will receive part of your settlement.

Some lawyers charge up to 40% of the settlement.

5. More Settlement Money

Finally, lawyers tend to have excellent negotiating skills. As a result, they have a much better chance of squeezing out more settlement money for you than you would get on your own.

Hire a Lawyer for Your Scooter Accident

These are five of the biggest reasons why it is worth hiring an attorney for your scooter accident. You are going to want to have legal muscle on your side and someone that has courtroom knowledge. On top of this, a lawyer can dive deeper into your case, will not charge you an upfront fee, and may even get you more settlement money.

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