I Slipped on Ice, Can a Slip and Fall Attorney Help?

April 14, 2022

What do you do if you slipped on ice and got injured? Could you get compensation for your injuries, or do you have to fend for yourself? Read on to know your options.

The winter season is the coldest time of the year, and many people spend their time indoors, except there’s a need to be outdoors. The cold weather is often accompanied by snow, making it challenging to move around. Sadly, many people fall and get injured due to the weather. Some also lose their lives. 

According to a report, approximately one million Americans are injured due to falling on ice and snow. Furthermore, about 17,000 of these falls are fatal.

We frequently see people who have slipped on ice wondering whether they could be compensated for their injuries. They understand that the snow is a natural phenomenon and question if there’s a chance they could demand compensation from the property owner.

In this article, our slip and fall attorneys explain whether you can get compensation for falling on ice and how we can help. 

What Are the Common Slip and Fall Injuries?

Some people are lucky to walk away from slips on ice without wounds or suffer only minor injuries. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky, and people often get severe injuries. 

Common slip and fall wounds include spinal cord injuries, broken bones, neck injuries, head injuries, dislocations, and fractures. These wounds often cause chronic pain to the victims and may result in costly medical bills. 

If the injured party suffered catastrophic injuries, they could have permanent damage,  making them unable to perform tasks that they could do previously. 

Liability for Slipping on Ice

Falling on ice falls under premises liability law. It means that property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe. This is called the duty of care, and it places a responsibility on the property owner to be aware of a dangerous condition on their premises and take steps to avert it.

If they fail to do so, they could be liable if an injury occurs on their premises. This includes private property, office buildings, residential properties, or government property.

It may not always be clear if a property owner has been negligible. Also, you may be responsible for some of your injuries, which affects the compensation amount you’ll receive. 

Under Massachusetts comparative negligence rule, your settlement will be less than your fault percentage. If you are more than 51% liable, you do not get any financial compensation.

What Damages Can I Get if I Slipped on Ice and Got Injured?

If you slipped on ice and suffered an injury, you may be curious about the damages available to you. Damages are awarded to cover any losses that a victim incurs due to the accident. These losses could be financial, lost time at work, or permanent impairment. 

There are generally two types of damages available to injured accident victims. The first is economic damages. As the name implies, economic damages cover all financial costs incurred due to an injury. These are easier to determine as a detailed review of your medical records and lost wages reveals how much you spent/lost.

It covers expenses like medical care, physical therapy, and transportation to and from the hospital. It also includes hiring home help, drugs, pay stubs, future lost wages, and the cost of medical devices like wheelchairs.

The other category of damages is non-economic damages, and it covers physical pain, emotional trauma, suffering, disability, and loss of quality of life. Finally, negligent property owners may pay punitive damages if they behaved recklessly. Punitive damages serve as punishment and a deterrent from similarly reckless actions in the future.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall?

Few factors affect the outcome of your slip and fall accident claim as much as the lawyer you hire. However, most people do not have legal issues frequently. Consequently, they may find it difficult to understand why they need a slip and fall attorney or what to look out for. Below are the reasons for hiring an experienced lawyer.

Collecting Evidence 

Even if you are not a lawyer, you probably know that legal matters are determined by the evidence presented in favor or against a case. The same holds in a slip and fall case. Therefore, one of the most important things the accident lawyer will do is help you find and collect evidence.

This could be evidence that shows that the defendant caused your injury or proof of the damages you incurred. In cases where the defendant has a track record of being reckless, a lawyer may be able to spot it. They can also help you with expert testimony where necessary.

Trial Representation

In addition to helping to collect evidence, a personal injury lawyer will represent you if your case goes to trial. While you can represent yourself, a lawyer who has represented several clients with identical issues has the experience needed to help you.

Proving Negligence

To win any compensation for your injuries, you need to prove that the liable party was negligent and that their negligence was directly responsible for your wound. Your personal injury attorney will establish the defendant’s negligence by examining the evidence.

Speaking With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are involved in most slip and fall negotiations. Their primary aim is to ensure that their client pays as little as possible to the victim. As a result, they offer victims less than they are entitled to or try to devalue their compensation claims.

This is why you need a lawyer. An attorney sits in on the negotiation and knows how to keep the insurance provider from making you a low-ball offer. 

If You Slipped on Ice and Got Injured, Reach Out to Our Boston Slip and Fall Attorneys

Slipping on ice is similar to many injuries because it is painful and could cause significant discomfort. You’ll have to worry about healing in addition to getting compensation. Also, there’s a Statute of Limitations to contend with. Even for those who have help from friends and family, it is a lot.

This is why you need an experienced slip and fall lawyer. At Kelly and Associates, our Boston personal injury attorneys combine their knowledge and experience to deliver excellent outcomes to our clients. When you hire us, you get a lawyer who does not see you as a case file but as someone who needs help with a problem. Our law firm offers a free initial consultation to potential clients to enable them to make the best decision for their case. Contact us today!

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