How Social Media Can Damage a Personal Injury Claim

May 22, 2023

Can you believe that almost 4.5 billion people use social media?

It’s an unfortunate fact that the impact of social media can be detrimental to personal injury claims. Even seemingly innocent posts could be used against a claimant in court.

This is why motorcycle accident lawyers in Salem, MA, emphasize the importance of caution when posting on social media platforms. Keep reading to learn how social media use could damage a personal injury claim after a motorcycle accident.

Inconsistent Statements

One of the significant risks associated with social media is the potential for conflicting statements. Insurance companies and defense lawyers often dig through social media accounts. Their goal is to home in on evidence that could contradict a claimant’s version of events.

For example, a person could claim to have sustained severe injuries in a motorcycle accident. If they post pictures about engaging in a high-intensity workout, it could be used to undermine their credibility. This could even lead to disproving the extent of your injuries.

Misinterpreted Photos and Videos

From pictures to videos, many social media posts can end up being taken out of context and misinterpreted. Other parties could use this to challenge claims of physical pain, emotional distress, and more.

Based on social media posts, defense lawyers might argue that the claimant’s activities are inconsistent with their alleged injuries.

Intrusive Surveillance

It’s becoming the norm for insurance companies and defense attorneys to use social media to spy on claimants. They may create fake profiles or monitor public posts to gather evidence against the injured party.

For instance, if a claimant posts a picture riding a motorcycle after an accident, it could be misconstrued. This is why you should take precautions by increasing your privacy settings on all social media accounts. Still, this is no guarantee of protection.

Loss of Privacy

Social media platforms encourage users to share personal information. At the same time, users may not fully understand the potential consequences.

As soon as you make it a public post, anyone can see it and take a screenshot of it. Even if you delete it later, it could still exist somewhere else in one form or another.

Motorcycle accident attorneys advise clients to exercise caution and refrain from discussing accidents on social media platforms.

Perceived Lack of Suffering After Being Injured in an Accident

The perception created by social media posts can negatively impact a personal injury claim. If a claimant appears happy, active, or unaffected by the incident, it can undermine their pain and suffering claims.

Personal injury lawyers may argue that the claimant’s posts indicate they’re not entitled to compensation.

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Now that you’ve learned how social media can damage your personal injury claim, you can make sure to avoid falling into those traps.

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