What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

November 29, 2022

Did you know that over 10,000 class action lawsuits are filed each year? Class action lawsuits are often complicated and hard to understand. If you’re wondering what is a class action lawsuit, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve investigated everything you need to know about class action lawsuits, including what they are and the many types. That way, you can decide if filing a class action suit is right for you. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at class action lawsuits:

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit? 

A class action lawsuit is often defined as a legal action where one or more plaintiffs enter into a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group. The group or class must declare that they were affected by the defendant either physically, mentally, or financially. 

However, only the named plaintiff will take an active role in the case. That means they will hire a lawyer, keep in contact with the lawyer, and serve as the face of the group. 

The named plaintiff will also decide on settlement amounts and other legal proceedings. However, if the plaintiffs win, the settlement earnings will be shared with all the plaintiffs, not just the named individual. 

Benefits of a Class Action Claim

There are several benefits of class action lawsuits, including their efficiency and cost-savings. Having a class will help individuals with little time and financial means. It provides all the plaintiffs with one judge, trial, and decision. 

That way, individuals don’t have to make their own claims and be involved with the process unless they are the named plaintiff. Plus, plaintiffs will not have to pay an hourly rate or any of the attorney fees. Class action lawsuits streamline the legal process that way; those with minor damages get justice, too, in the name of a cumulative claim.   

Types of a Class Action Case

There are several different types of class action lawsuits, so we’ve listed the most common types below: 

  • Security Litigation 
  • Civil Rights Litigation 
  • Customer Product Litigation  

Successful class action lawsuits in both security litigation and customer product proceedings often end with a large pre-trial settlement. Most companies will opt into a settlement rather than go to trial to avoid media attention and public outcry. 

However, civil rights cases are not looking for a large settlement. Typically the plaintiffs want a legal remedy which means that most, if not all, civil rights cases will go to trial and may result in the company having stricter restrictions. 

File a Class Action Lawsuit Today 

Filing a class action lawsuit will help not only you but other individuals as well. It streamlines the process, that way there’s only one trial and one decision. Now that you’ve answered what is a class action lawsuit, you can file one of your own with the help of an experienced lawyer. 

If you need a lawyer to represent your group, our firm, 1-800-Law-Guys, will put you in touch with one of our best lawyers. Now for more information about a class action lawyer, contact us today. We will help you win your case!

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