What Not to Say to Accident Insurance Companies after a Motorcycle Accident in Stoneham, MA

May 22, 2023

Here’s a fact many people don’t learn until it’s too late: your accident insurance agent is not on your side.

Yes, you’re paying them for insurance, but it doesn’t change the fact that insurance agencies are corporations, and corporations love to save money in any way they can. After you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, the last thing you want to do is give them a chance to save money by accepting a lowball settlement offer!

A healthy mistrust of your insurance company can keep you from making simple statements that may sabotage your claim. Let’s take a look at a few things you should never say to your insurance agent.

I’m Sorry

If you only take away one thing from this blog post, it should be this one: never apologize!

Even if you think you may have played a role in the accident, however small, you should never apologize to your insurance company. They can take this as an admission of guilt, using it to reduce the compensation they offer or even deny your claim.

I’m Fine

Never claim to be “fine.” Never state that you have no injuries, even if you believe this to be true, and never say your injuries aren’t serious.

Some types of injuries can show up days or even weeks after a crash. Whiplash may take a few hours or days to show up, but certain types of back pain can take even longer.

Visit a medical professional, but keep their initial opinions about your injuries to yourself. Tell your insurer that you will offer this information once you know more about the extent of your injuries.

It’s Okay to Record Me

When you call to discuss a crash, most insurance agents will want to record the call. In Massachusetts, all parties must be aware of a phone call recording, so your agent has to ask your permission. This, they often claim, allows them to capture your full story for later reference as they handle your case.

However, they can also use this recording against you. If accidentally you say anything you shouldn’t, such as one of the other statements on this list, your insurance agent will have a permanent record of it.

Be polite, but tell the agent you don’t feel comfortable making an official statement.

Here Are the Names of My Witnesses

Well-meaning people sometimes fall into this deceptive trap. In trying to offer a full picture to their claims adjuster, they’ll offer up the names and contact details of witnesses on the scene. They may also offer the contact details of any passengers.

With this information, an adjuster can contact these parties for information about a claim. If they come up with anything that suggests you’re at fault, it can affect your settlement.

I Don’t Have a Lawyer

This is a statement insurance agencies love to hear. When you say you don’t have a motorcycle accident lawyer, your agent assumes you have little understanding of the situation. This allows them to toss out lowball settlement offers and even slow down the claims process.

Instead, get a personal injury lawyer and be sure your agent knows you have an expert on your side.

Be Careful With Accident Insurance Agents

Whether you’re managing your claim by yourself or you have a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer in your corner, it’s important to avoid the statements above. Don’t give your accident insurance company the chance to deny your claim!

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