What To Do If My Insurance Claim Is Denied In Boston, MA?

April 15, 2021

There is a reason why insurance companies are depicted as greedy profiteers with no respect for human emotions and problems – no offense to anyone – they are somewhat cold-blooded. You may run into trouble regarding your claim for benefits with your insurance provider over very nominal matters. What to do if my insurance claim is denied.

For personal injury victims, the at-fault party’s insurance company or their own (in case of a hit-and-run scenario or an uninsured offender) may refuse to cooperate. It is not unusual for insurance companies to cut down the compensation sum using the flimsiest of excuses or refusing to pay up altogether.

Whatever the case, you have legal rights, and you should not hesitate to use them.

Contact a legal team of experienced attorneys as soon as possible and get to sorting the mess.

Why Are Insurance Claims Denied In Boston?

Denial of claims is a reality, there is no doubt here. For personal injury cases, the adjuster may refuse to consider the other party at fault and hence refuse to pay up. Similarly, for health insurance, death benefit claims, life insurance claims, workers compensation claims, and other forms of insurance coverage, the company reserves the right to claim denial when the insured individual is in breach of the insurance policies contract.

However, the insurance company is legally bound to state why exactly are they refusing to pay up. Failing to do so will be a violation of state law. State regulations govern the behavior of insurance companies and if the insurer wrongfully denies to pay up, they can be held liable and may even have to offer punitive damages.

What to do if my insurance claim is denied? It is their responsibility to prove that you were in breach of the agreement or failed to uphold certain parts of the policy. Such breaches usually include failing to disclose relevant information which may factor in the process such as your medical condition or something else of the sort.

However, in the case of legitimate claims, there is no reason for the company to deny you your payment.

What To Do If My Insurance Claim Is Denied?

If you were denied compensation for your losses by the insurance adjuster, you have the right to tell them that they are mistaken. You can even file a request to the company to reconsider its stance and uphold its commitment as you did yours.

Share evidence if needed or point out the gaps in their side of the narrative.

Of course, if all fails, the only option remaining is to take matters to a court of law. Have your lawyer draft a civil lawsuit on your behalf and get ready to build a solid case to present before a judge and jury. Your personal injury attorney will have to move the jury to award you damages for your losses and who knows, the insurance company might actually end up paying more than they would’ve otherwise.

Just be sure not to say anything rashly and not to handle the company on your own when they play hardball because these are classical mistakes in this arena.

Michael Kelly Will Represent You For Your Insurance Claim

If you’ve suffered due to the indifference of the insurance company, you can’t step down, instead, you will have to take the fight to them on your own terms. Knowledgeable attorneys can make all the difference when it comes to tackling insurance companies, but be sure to keep the appeal deadlines in mind; usually, it is a 60-day time period.

The insurance adjusters can use even the most trivial of excuses to refuse handing over a payout when you need one desperately. Personal injury victims have to face mounting economic and non-economic pressures; you don’t have to go through it all by yourself.

The professional attorneys at Michael Kelly will help you through these turbulent times and go to all lengths to make the insurance company honor its commitment. We don’t ask for any advance on our fees and neither do we charge for our consultation sessions.

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