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Michael D. Kelly

Principal Attorney

Michael D. Kelly, the founder of Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, combines a personal commitment to justice with deep legal expertise. With an extensive background in various legal areas, Michael leverages his comprehensive knowledge to fight for his clients' causes, consistently securing substantial settlements and verdicts. His dedication extends beyond professional obligations; he empathizes with the challenges his clients encounter, striving to achieve transformative outcomes in their lives.

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Tim Paoli

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Paoli, originally from Greater Cleveland, Ohio, served in the United States Air Force from 2001 to 2005. After his military service, he earned a bachelor's degree in business management from Nichols College, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2005, and an MBA from Suffolk University in 2008. As our Chief Operating Officer, Tim plays a crucial role in keeping our team united and on track. He expertly manages our daily operations and makes sure we all work together effectively to meet our client's needs.


Laura Kirschner

Director of Finance

Laura Kirschner, our Director of Finance, brings many years of experience in finance to her role at the firm. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Saint Cloud State University, with additional minors in Criminal Justice and International Relations. Laura expertly oversees the financial aspects of our firm, including the management of client funds. Her extensive experience is a key asset to our operations. Laura is deeply motivated and driven by her family—her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.

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Jackie DeFerrari

Manager of Client Settlement

Jackie DeFerrari, who was raised in Hanover, MA, serves as our Manager of Client Settlements and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and Literature from Emmanuel College. An avid certified diver, Jackie also plays the piano and has a passion for baking, reading, and photography. Her diverse talents and interests contribute significantly to her role, where she supports and guides our team in effectively managing client settlements, ensuring that each case is handled with precision and care.

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John Bita


John Bita, an attorney at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, is licensed to practice in both the state and federal courts of Massachusetts. Before joining our team, John litigated personal injury, employment, and civil rights cases, but he now specializes exclusively in personal injury law. He earned his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and UMass Amherst, followed by a law degree from Suffolk Law School. John currently resides in East Boston with his fiancée and their three cats, where he continues to dedicate his expertise to securing justice for our clients.

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Michael Anthony Satterwhite


Michael Anthony Satterwhite, an attorney with Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, was raised in Lynn, Massachusetts, and spent part of his upbringing in Hollywood, Florida. He earned an associate degree from Northern Essex Community College, followed by a bachelor's degree from UMass Lowell, and a JD from the Massachusetts School of Law. As an active member of the North Shore Latino Business Association, Michael also commits his time to volunteering with various non-profits and serves on multiple boards, bringing his legal acumen and dedication to community service into every aspect of his work.

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Robert P. Kimball


Robert P. Kimball, an attorney at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, originates from Needham, MA. After spending 12 years in sports medicine and physical therapy, Robert transitioned into the legal field, initially handling Personal Injury Protection (PIP) collections for law firms. Following law school, he joined a Boston law firm before gaining extensive experience working with insurance companies. This experience has equipped him with valuable insights into the insurance industry. Now, Robert manages the PIP collection department at Michael Kelly, leveraging his diverse background to benefit our clients.

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Denis Cooper

Director of Client Relations

Denis Cooper is our Director of Client Relations at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers. He originally comes from Westford, MA. He started his journey with us as a summer intern before advancing to a full-time position as a Paralegal/Case Manager. Now, Denis expertly manages our cases, keeps clients well-informed about their case developments, and efficiently handles the acquisition of necessary records for clients. His meticulous attention to detail and proactive communication style contribute to the smooth operation of our case management and enhance client satisfaction.

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Claudia Campbell

Senior Paralegal

Claudia Campbell is the Senior Paralegal at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers. She holds an associate degree in paralegal studies and a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. She came to us with a decade of experience in various legal fields, including Family, Employment, Personal Injury, and Medical Malpractice law. Claudia joined our team as a Litigation Paralegal, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support our legal efforts effectively.

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Ian Spillane

Manager of Client Settlement

Ian Spillane, the Manager of Client Settlement at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, grew up in San Diego, CA. He earned degrees in political science and psychology from Leslie University, where he also distinguished himself as the captain of the university baseball team. Ian is now fully committed to his role at Michael Kelly, applying his leadership skills and academic background to effectively manage client settlements and contribute significantly to our team's success.

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Tadeo Moreno

Case Manager

Tadeo Moreno, a Case Manager at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, was raised in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico. This position marks his first professional role in the legal field, inspired by several family members who are deeply involved in the legal industry. Tadeo has a strong passion for law, which motivates him every day in his work. He is dedicated to serving as the crucial link between our attorneys and clients, ensuring clear communication and effective management of each case.

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Steff Giorgi

Case Manager

Steff Giorgi is a Case Manager at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers from Lynn, MA. She holds a bachelor's degree in painting from Montserrat College of Art. Steff began her career in the legal field as a receptionist in an immigration office, where her skills and dedication quickly led to her advancement to the position of legal assistant. Seizing the opportunity to further her career, she joined Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers as a Case Manager. Steff is enthusiastic about her role and is eager to continue her professional growth with our company.


Romeo Caparas

Case Manager Support

Romeo Caparas, a member of the Case Manager Support team at our firm, originates from Davao City, Philippines, where he earned his bachelor's degree in physical education, specializing in School Physical Education. With over a year and a half of experience at another firm, Romeo now plays a vital role in our team by assisting case managers. He supports them with document handling, requests, and communication, ensuring smooth operations and effective case management.


Amadelo «Delo» Lumagi

Case Manager Support

Amadelo "Delo" Lumagi, part of the Case Manager Support team at our firm, is originally from Manila, Philippines, where he graduated with a major in broadcasting. Delo has accumulated valuable experience in the legal field, having worked in intake for a personal injury firm for over a year, followed by another year specializing in medical intake and records retrieval. Beyond his professional duties, Delo is passionate about community service, actively participating in feeding programs and medical missions to help those in need.


Jaypee Riosa

Case Manager Support

Jaypee Riosa, a member of the Case Manager Support team at our firm, holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Diploma in Culinary Arts. With three years of experience in handling and following up on medical records requests for patients, Jaypee plays a crucial role in supporting our attorneys and case managers. He ensures they have timely access to medical records needed for their client's cases, facilitating effective case management and client representation.


Aldrin Serquina

Case Manager Support

Aldrin Serquina, a key member of the Case Manager Support team at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a focus on Literature and Linguistics, from Mindanao State University-GSC. He brings over two years of experience as a legal assistant, where he specialized in setting up personal injury cases and managing documentation from initiation to disbursement. Aldrin supports case managers by efficiently handling requests and collecting necessary documents, ensuring a streamlined case management process.

Agresivo, dedicado y profesional: Michael Kelly, "The Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers"

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Acerca de nuestro bufete de abogados de lesiones personales

En Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, somos un equipo de abogados litigantes inteligentes y agresivos. Estamos personalmente comprometidos a luchar por el máximo en un acuerdo o veredicto del jurado. Sabemos lo que se necesita para obtener resultados en un caso de lesiones y seguimos demostrándole eso a nuestros clientes una y otra vez.

Nuestra práctica se basa en la confianza. Cuando nos contrate, trabajará directamente con su abogado, no con un administrador de casos o un asistente legal. Contrató a un abogado y su caso será manejado por un abogado. Aquí, puede esperar y exigir eso en todo momento.

Cuando desee un abogado litigante agresivo que haga un esfuerzo adicional, acuda a Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, "The Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers". Prometemos brindarle a usted y a su caso toda nuestra atención, de principio a fin.

Estamos tan seguros de nuestro servicio al cliente que ofrecemos un servicio garantizado de 30 días sin riesgos. Si no está satisfecho por cualquier motivo dentro de los primeros 30 días de nuestra representación, su archivo puede ser devuelto sin cargo.

Abogados experimentados en los que puede contar

michael kelly at the office

Nuestro equipo legal está compuesto por dos talentosos abogados litigantes. Michael D. Kelly está incluido en el "Top 40 Under 40" por la Asociación Nacional de Abogados Litigantes. Michael tiene calificaciones y antecedentes que lo ayudan a resolver con éxito casos de lesiones y accidentes.

El Sr. Kelly se graduó de Derecho de Nueva Inglaterra en Boston con “cum laude”, un alto honor académico. Su enfoque se centró en el litigio y es un talentoso abogado litigante con habilidades demostradas en la negociación de acuerdos con compañías de seguros. Puede contar con que “The Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers” será agresivo, comprometido y dedicado a buscar la máxima compensación permitida por la ley.

Nuestra experiencia en litigios es una ventaja para nuestros clientes cuyos casos llegan a la sala del tribunal. Nuestro equipo de prueba trabajará directamente con usted y lo mantendremos completamente informado a medida que avance su caso. Nuestro objetivo es resolver su caso rápidamente y con un nivel justo de compensación. Si la compañía de seguros se estanca o hace lo que creemos que es una oferta baja, no dudaremos en hacer que paguen caro llevándolos a los tribunales.

Nuestra práctica de lesiones de Boston Massachusetts

Nuestra firma tiene su sede en Boston, pero aceptamos casos en todo Massachusetts. Si usted o un ser querido resultó gravemente herido, es hora de buscar justicia y una compensación total. Estamos listos para hablar contigo de inmediato. Puede contar con nosotros para hacer nuestro trabajo por usted con profesionalismo, compasión y la máxima atención al cliente. Estamos listos para hablar ahora.

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Recomendaría a Michael Kelly a cualquiera que esté buscando un abogado con conocimientos, experiencia y dedicación.

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Conozca a nuestro abogado MICHAEL D. KELLY, ESQ.

Michael D. Kelly tiene una experiencia diversa que proporciona un amplio conocimiento legal del que se basa para atender a sus clientes. Kelly recopiló un excelente expediente académico durante sus tres años en New England Law en Boston.