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steve goodwin
Steve Goodwin
23:17 11 May 24
When I need the best advice possible, I always consult with Michael. The best that money can buy!
malik muhammad
Malik Muhammad
19:43 08 May 24
Very polite and courteous
madison irving
Madison Irving
13:53 08 May 24
nancy besardi
Nancy Besardi
21:35 07 May 24
So far so good. I finally have hope. Dennis Cooper took all my information. He was so patient, empathetic and encouraging. I feel like a duck out of water. I've had to live the aftermath of being rear-ended. The medical stuff is overwhelming. So much info to relay. Dennis was optimistic that Kelly Law could help. He gave me a clear plan for the next steps. I look forward to working with him. Thanks Nancy Besardi
erik jenson
Erik Jenson
01:30 05 May 24
Once Samantha took over my case. She was right on top of everything. Made calls to me to let me know whats going on. Got to know more about me and how my situation has effected my life. She took on the case a was truly invested in my best interest. I'm truly grateful to have had someone who really cares.So thank you very much for helping me with everything.
noelle hardy
noelle Hardy
12:12 25 Apr 24
Samantha McIsaac was the absolute best to work and she worked efficiently In helping me resolve my matter
19:22 24 Apr 24
I am very grateful for Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers. My Attorney Samantha Mclsaac has been outstanding with my case. I will tell you that they will do all they can,until the very end.Thank you Attorney McIssac for all you do!
e woldu
E Woldu
01:37 26 Mar 24
Sam really helped throughout the process. All my questions were answered in a timely manner. The experience was so professional and I really felt great about it.
sierra spillane
Sierra Spillane
21:03 20 Mar 24
will definitely be referring to friends and family! excellent staff and costumer service
christian rapoza
Christian Rapoza
20:03 20 Mar 24
Ian is fantastic! He is so professional and gives all the help and attention you would need/want! Would recommend him to anyone and everyone!
blanca urbina
Blanca Urbina
08:29 18 Mar 24
Great professional conduct from the lawyers. Never felt intimidated asking questions, definitely recommend.
evan dean
Evan Dean
20:38 15 Mar 24
Attorney Samantha McIsaac is not only professional, but her attention to detail and compassion for clients she is working with is unmatched. She not only represents her client’s interests, but sets them at ease as well. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with her, and the firm. Happy to refer them for any matters.
pa-me enterprise
20:10 15 Mar 24
This is by far the best law firm in the region. They handled my case from start to finish and maximized the amount of my settlement.I am very satisfied with their performance and would not hesitate to recommend or employ their services if ever again needed .
jalica ramsey
jalica ramsey
15:48 15 Mar 24
As some attorneys tend to get a bad rap, Attorney Michael Satterwhite is definitely one who can be trusted. He is professional - a people person, and he LISTENS! Thanks for taking the time to care. Bless you. . .
mackenzie williams
Mackenzie Williams
23:00 07 Mar 24
I had a hard childhood. Drugs, violence, poverty, all that rough stuff. So it has never been not easy for me to trust people. I was hesitant to reach out for help, but from our very first interaction Steff was like an angel. She didn’t judge me, which I strongly believe is something only God has the right to do. She was attentive and understanding. She radiates kindness and empathy. I felt throughly supported throughout my whole case. Steff gave me a whole new perspective on human nature. It’s beautiful to know that people like her exist. God bless Steff.
melissa madeline
Melissa Madeline
18:23 06 Mar 24
Love working with Attorney Satterwhite. It is evident right away how big his heart is. Really appreciate his help and all of his hard work.
ana beatriz
Ana Beatriz
16:02 06 Mar 24
Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers provide exceptional legal representation for individuals dealing with personal injury cases. With their extensive experience and dedication to client satisfaction, they prioritize understanding each client's unique needs and crafting tailored legal strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes. Their team's professionalism, expertise, and compassionate approach set them apart in the field of personal injury law. Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers consistently deliver outstanding results, making them a trusted choice for those seeking justice and compensation after accidents or injuries.
roella erika ancheta
Roella Erika Ancheta
12:41 04 Mar 24
The staff communicates well especially Jaypee Riosa. He is very knowledgeable with my case and is very attentive to my inquiries and requests.
Such a great experience with the firm. Explained every detail and very patient during the whole process. Jaypee was very helpful as well and is always easy to communicate with.
ashaley calcano
Ashaley Calcano
16:49 29 Feb 24
Steff was super patient and understanding throughout the whole process of my case and made it much more pleasant than I could have imagined. She answered any and all questions/concerns to the best of her knowledge and if she didn't know would figure it out in no time! It was overall a great experience and I would definitely recommend working with her if you could.
andrew beard
Andrew Beard
14:21 28 Feb 24
Michael Kelly along with Richard Wyche have done an awesome job and can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.
zachary hope
Zachary Hope
23:07 27 Feb 24
Attorney Michael Satterwhite was very helpful to me on some issues. Very knowledgeable and professional, a very good attorney.
julia qin
21:12 26 Feb 24
Great experience, very easy and supportive in such a difficult legal system! Thank you all again for helping me reach my settlement!
elvira diaz
Elvira Diaz
19:36 26 Feb 24
Very happy with my experience. Great attorneys, great communication. Friendly attorneys, kept me updated, they were great.
george centeio
George Centeio
19:26 26 Feb 24
Attorney Satterwhite has been a blessing! I was afraid in my legal matter and he helped guide me through it. Such a kind heart.
chelsea roberts
Chelsea Roberts
19:24 26 Feb 24
I enjoy working with Attorney Satterwhite and Kelly & Associates! They know the law and keep me informed! I am copied on letters and emails and it’s not a guessing matter.
19:21 26 Feb 24
I have worked with different attorneys in the past, but none are like Attorney Satterwhite. He takes his time to go over things and knows what he is talking about. I recommend him and the firm.
wascar deleon
Wascar DeLeon
19:19 26 Feb 24
Attorney Michael Satterwhite is a wonderful attorney. He knows the law. I am very happy working with him and his team.
derek campbell
Derek Campbell
05:21 20 Feb 24
paul helgeland
Paul Helgeland
21:07 19 Feb 24
I can’t say more about my experience with Mike from the law firm. My family was down and out and they were recommended to us by a friend. They went above and beyond in every way. I’m literally in tears writing this review. They settled my claim for way more than I thought possible in half the time. Thank you so much everyone, you truly are the best.
nathan barnes
Nathan Barnes
22:52 16 Feb 24
Attorney Wyche and the firm were exceptional. I'd recommend them to anyone in the area
william thorpe
William Thorpe
02:03 15 Feb 24
Couldn’t recommend Rich Wyche enough. Thorough, professional, and a pleasure to work with.
diego martin
Diego Martin
22:44 14 Feb 24
Lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Attorney Wyche in a past life and can vouch for his skills, experience, and dedication to his clients. Would rate over 5 stars if I could.
anthony demino
Anthony DeMino
19:39 14 Feb 24
I recommend Michael Kelly and ask for Richard who is very helpful and knowledgeable.
rahsheed wade
Rahsheed Wade
02:03 14 Feb 24
I spoke with Richard Wyche and not only was he extremely personable he was very knowledgeable and helpful! Thank you Michale Kelly Injury Lawyers and a special shout out to Richard Wyche.
jason dunton
Jason Dunton
01:58 14 Feb 24
I had a great experience with the team at Michael Kelly. After being pushed around by insurance companies lawyers Richard took over and got me a fair payout without having to go to court.
zach e
Zach E
23:31 13 Feb 24
I spoke to Richie and you always hear the jokes about lawyers and used car salesmen being the worst but he definitely doesn’t fit that stereotype. Richie always answered my questions and if he wasn’t available when I called he always got back to me quickly and he was always in a good mood which I thought was impressive because I know being a lawyer is stressful but he doesn’t let it show and truly feels like he cares about clients and wants to help. Thank you again!
21:40 13 Feb 24
Just want to say thank you to everyone at the Michael Kelly law firm for helping me navigate the process of my case. After all the stress and trauma with a serious car accident, losing my job and being unemployed I was at one of the lowest points of my life. Everyone I encountered at the firm throughout the whole process treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. And by the grace of God the team helped me win my settlement and the money has been able to help get myself back on my feet and start putting my life back togetherNot enough thanks could be given to all at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers
gary sarner
gary sarner
21:27 13 Feb 24
They call you back when you call! They actually answer questions that you may have. They help in every way you need help from an attorney after an accident.
mark schrader
Mark Schrader
21:05 13 Feb 24
eric mccathern
Eric McCathern
21:05 13 Feb 24
uri berenguer
Uri Berenguer
19:45 13 Feb 24
morgan r
Morgan R
19:39 13 Feb 24
Thank you to Kelly & Associates for your help with my case! Richard was communicative, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable in what he does. Highly recommend if in need of a good attorney!
michael jones
Michael Jones
19:37 13 Feb 24
Had a great service at Michael Kelly by Richard Wyche. Thank you Richie!!
david boyd
David Boyd
19:28 13 Feb 24
Last month, I worked with Richard Wyche, and wow, he did a remarkable job. He explained everything to me in detail and went above and beyond for me and my family. It really meant a lot ! Thank you again sir
karla p. salas
Karla P. Salas
18:28 13 Feb 24
great customer experience my lawyer was amazing! always checked up on us and let us know everything/anything step by step and answered every question we had. very hard working and easy to work with. took care of everything. I have no complains at all about my lawyer his name is Richard wyche. Very caring i highly recommend.
14:39 13 Feb 24
Richard was helpful with my case and me feel like I was his only client. Highly recommended!
david wade
David Wade
14:27 13 Feb 24
Richard Wyche of Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers has been a tremendous help with my friends case. I appreciate you guys giving them the attention and your best professional efforts while representing them during their tough time. Thank you Richard. I'll definitely be recommending you and your company every chance I get.
14:24 13 Feb 24
Attorney Wyche is very knowledgeable and professional. I'd recommend him and this firm to anyone in the area!
aquadesert 88
AquaDesert 88
14:01 13 Feb 24
I highly recommend this firm. Richard was professional and made me feel like I was his only client. He helped me through a hard time and I will be forever grateful!
kerri wallace
Kerri Wallace
15:37 12 Feb 24
Richard, was professional and knowledgeable. 10/10
patrick wagner
Patrick Wagner
15:25 12 Feb 24
Mr. Wyche was a great help in my time of need. I recommend him to anyone!
john smith
John Smith
15:22 12 Feb 24
Richard Wyche is very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone in the area.
fiona miley
Fiona Miley
02:14 08 Feb 24
Colin was super helpful and got me a great settlement!
nhadija taylor
Nhadija Taylor
06:23 06 Feb 24
They me updated every step of the way, they didn’t mind my constant phone calls checking in to see how everything was going, I’m very satisfied with the settlement I received from both cases and would not hesitate to call them if I ever need their services again
sudabeh sarker
Sudabeh Sarker
02:28 06 Feb 24
Thank you to Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers for helping me navigate the complicated and intimidating legal system. Shout-out to Colin, who was incredibly patient and kind to me throughout the whole process. I'm so happy with my settlement!
mo alex
Mo Alex
04:04 05 Feb 24
Mike and his team are very professional ! They were able to wrap up my son's case within few weeks . I strongly recommend them . Thanks again guys !
alexander jean
Alexander Jean
01:03 24 Jan 24
Went to them not knowing if my case would go through thinking I would just be many other who fell through the cracks being injured on the job but they assured me I had a case and they would do everything they could to see me compensatedI can honestly say they got me way more than I was expected kept in contract always took my phone calls and answer back to every message I left if they didn’t. They legit keep u n the loop and let you know the progress. Highly recommend anyone hurt on job to get in touch with them
alina zolotova
Alina Zolotova
21:19 23 Jan 24
Expressing my gratitude to the Michael Kelly firm for their efficient assistance in my case! Their professional approach and excellent knowledge of the law made the court process much less complicated! Thanks to their help, we successfully defended my interests. Highly recommend their services!
leena alasaad
Leena Alasaad
01:04 12 Jan 24
Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers were the perfect choice. During the process, they took their time to explain and address every concern I had. Communication on their end during such a stressful time made the process manageable, such as the consistent updates and ensuring that I, too, had a good understanding and had a say. They made the process a breeze and displayed the utmost professionalism over the past few months. Every individual I had communicated with was knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable. Thank you all so much!
yaslin ramos
yaslin ramos
17:15 09 Jan 24
Thank you Michael Satterwhite and team for your outstanding services throughout my car accident case. You went above and beyond!
caitlin cunningham
Caitlin Cunningham
19:59 17 Dec 23
Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers are the best! Dennis was amazing when assigning me Attorney Paul Baker and Case manager Ian Spillane. I want to say that I struggle with anxiety, and with being injured from a car accident, my anxiety was heightened. Ian was amazing and super understanding of this and would answer my phone calls and answer any of my questions without any hesitation. Ian has been attentive, professional and always checks in on me to see how I am feeling. This firm has knowledgable and professional people working there and I am forever grateful that I have this team working on my side.
keely desouza
Keely Desouza
23:19 12 Dec 23
I spent a lot of time looking for the right attorney for me. I am so glad I decided to go with Michael Kelly. Jackie was very attentive, professional and communicative. She checked in on me to see how I was doing, update me on what was happening along with next steps. I never felt neglected or unimportant. Michael definitely is an expert when it comes to dealing with the insurance companies. He reassured me as we moved through the very frustrating process and though he always told me the choices were mine to make was okay offering his opinion when asked. That meant a lot to me. I would recommend this law firm to anyone, but especially those who have never had the unfortunate experience of being in a previous accident. I couldnt ask for a better group of people. Thank you for everything you do!!
jeannette c ford
Jeannette C Ford
18:09 08 Dec 23
Worked on my case very hard. I wanted to get the case over with, and they respected my wishes
07:15 08 Dec 23
From 1 to 10 Michael Kelly lawyers is a 12.From the moment you arrived everyone is professional and friendly. Denis Cooper he was super friendly and helpful to coordinate the meeting with the attorney. He even provided with direction's on how to get to the office and place to park.After I got in my car accident, I felt like the insurance company was giving me the runaround. It wasn't my fault, I was injured, my wife was out of work, and the medical bills were starting to really pile up. I didn't know what to do. Luckily, I discovered Michael Kelly Injuries attorneys at the perfect time. The lawyers at this office actually care. Other lawyers I was never updated unless I called them, and time was never taken to really explain things to me. This all changed when I started dealing with Michael Kellys attorneys.Attorney Paul Baker, who is handling my case completely honest, and kind is extremely professional and an expert in his field he explained the entire process and answer all my questions.Ian Spillane Case manager kept in contact with me every step of the way. Ian is beyond helpful, professional and knowledgeable about my case. So far everything is done in a timely manner and with such ease. Ian helped me a lot taking care all the paperwork done resolving my case.I trust this office so much I already recommended a new client already.Thank you for all your hard work, Michael Kellys Injuries attorney office you guys are awesome.I highly recommend this office. 5 Stars!!!
Mike and his Team are on point! It’s refreshing to see patients get what they deserve!! A lawyer that cares!
mass krys
Mass Krys
05:15 03 Dec 23
We won but comes with a few caveats just to note what could be improved; this firm has little communication or client update policies; almost zero. You'll have to visit them in person to get aquatinted and make things a little better in terms of relationship. Another issue was having multiple people (or case management) work on your case causing a little confusion and also dropping out leaving a mess for the next person, it happens but multiple times it seemed. Lastly huge cut for such hardship that they didn't have to experience for themselves; if it would have been a bigger win I wouldn't be complaining but in this case it wasn't, and it took much longer than advertised even though it was a straight win. I've settled before on my own and did this to learn, boy did I ever. Would I do it again? Sure, but depends on the terms and I'm sure I'll be very much the one doing all the follow-ups. Hopefully improvement comes to us all.
chris jones
Chris Jones
23:16 01 Dec 23
Had the best experience. They are proffesional and curtious would defenitly recommend
ryan pegg
Ryan Pegg
22:25 22 Nov 23
Tim was extremely helpful and attentive. Highly recommended!! 5 stars all the way.
ryan hollien
Ryan Hollien
16:06 20 Nov 23
Best law office in Boston! Several folks from my network have had a great experience here (including myself). I will continue to refer friends and family here because they treat their clients as such.... like friends and family! Thank you very much!
steve viola
Steve Viola
16:17 16 Nov 23
great experience from start to finish. Sydney was a pleasure to work with. Would definitely recommend.
dennis dickinson
Dennis Dickinson
15:51 15 Nov 23
Had multiple amazing experiences with Kelly Law!! Sent multiple clients their way and will continue to do so. Great group to work with!
brooke paoli
Brooke Paoli
21:14 14 Nov 23
The people at this law firm really care. They make you feel comfortable knowing they have your back! Highly recommend them if you find yourself needing direction during a difficult time.
shelby swails
Shelby Swails
20:57 07 Nov 23
Thank God for Mike. During a very stressful time, Mike and his staff really went the extra mile. Answered every question and made us feel comfortable every step of the way. Top tier client service and communication which is very important for a type A person like myself. Mike and his team are relentless in their fight for justice for their clients. Their passion while handling my case is something I will be forever grateful for. Highly recommend. Best law firm in town no doubt and doesn’t hurt that Mike is very easy on the eyes.
nicole dabene
Nicole Dabene
21:18 06 Nov 23
The best in the business! Mike is extremely professional and handles business! Had a great experience working with Mike and was thoroughly impressed with his work ethic and tenacity. Highly recommend!
sam kennedy
Sam Kennedy
15:36 05 Nov 23
Attorney Kelly treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy during my case.On top of that they got me way more money than I thought was possible!! A+ attorneys and let me say I have a guy for life!!!
james quilty
James Quilty
04:51 04 Nov 23
Mike Kelly and his associates have delivered the representation that I needed in desperate times. I have recommended Kelly to local family members and friends! Boston is lucky to have his team be so sensitive and hard working towards the needs of clients!
natalie zastryzny
Natalie Zastryzny
21:12 03 Nov 23
david lena
David Lena
15:32 31 Oct 23
I was completely impressed with their professionalism and high level of customer service throughout the entire staff.
cameron swails
Cameron Swails
17:50 30 Oct 23
Mike has been an exceptional attorney and friend to me and my family. It's wonderful to have someone who is not only knowledgeable and hands-on, but also caring and supportive. I can't imagine working with anyone else!
01:26 29 Oct 23
This is a great law firm they get right back to you with zero lies andThey actually do treat you like a normal person,,They will call you on the weekend to say what’s going on with your case /::claim… all seriousness, this is the best law firm right now, hands-down without all the gimmicks, they say on television and I am a witness to this this law firm with another namebrand law firm could not and that is 100% fax! They got right onto my case always returned my phone calls.They were able to get my case closed by working very quickly and efficiently!!!! they keep you in the loop. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now have found this attorney and not going anywhere else they got me forever.!!!!!And most of all my attorney got me way more than that what the insurance company offered he went above and beyond!👌👍👍
dan russell
Dan Russell
16:48 28 Oct 23
Excellent lawyers. Professional, efficient and on point!
john costa
John Costa
15:22 28 Oct 23
Outstanding firm. Kelly and associates went above and beyond - very professional, ethical, and aggressive. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
daniel beauchesne
Daniel Beauchesne
14:55 28 Oct 23
This office. Lead by Michael Kelly is a God sent, any problems you may have after you walk in the door they take care of. It's like a life insurance after you step out of the office. Everyone is so nice they have daily meetings and a team of professionals talk about what and how your case can be fail proof. I have never expected to meet a group so honest. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH !!
chris goll
Chris Goll
20:19 27 Oct 23
We got a GUY! top notch service. He did his job and did it well. Professional, knowledgeable and transparent. Thank you Mike and team
trish gantner
trish Gantner
16:28 27 Oct 23
My experience with the employees of this law firm has been nothing but exceptional . They are friendly, hardworking, reliable, and knowledgeable in what they do. I highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of a good lawyer.
paige digregorio
Paige DiGregorio
15:55 27 Oct 23
The attorneys at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers are really helpful and extremely competent! Establishing trust and completing the task at hand are the team's priorities. I was made to feel heard and valued, and I wholeheartedly endorse using this company!
michael pringle
Michael Pringle
15:51 27 Oct 23
One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Very professional, efficient, and have your best interest at heart. Thank you
kevin fratoni
Kevin Fratoni
15:27 27 Oct 23
Great law firm with very knowledgeable & responsive attorneys!
jake kipnes
Jake Kipnes
14:52 27 Oct 23
This firm was a tremendous help with my case. From start to finish, I always felt like I was in good hands with a team that cared & stayed transparent throughout this process. Thank you all for your amazing service!
michael slejzer
michael slejzer
14:49 27 Oct 23
My daughter was involved in a pretty serious auto accident that wasn’t her fault. Luckily she wasn’t seriously injured but she needed some assistance with the auto insurance and medical claims. She originally went to an “friend” of hers who is an attorney. Needless to say nothing good came out of that. I made one call to Michael Kelly’s office and “bam!” Like magic. Michael set my daughter up with one of the associates who completely ran with it. We all know that these types of things take time and this did, however, my daughter was constantly updated as to the status of her case. The associate and her case worker were never too busy to pick up the phone and answer any question or concern she had.She never felt like she was being a bother. I even received an inquiry from Michael Kelly himself to ensure everything was going okay. Well, long story short, the Kelly firm was able to resolve all of the claims and my daughter ended up with a nice little settlement. I hope I never have to file an injury claim. However, if I did, I wouldn’t think twice about retaining Michael Kelly’s team. You shouldn’t either.
toni gilardi
toni gilardi
14:41 27 Oct 23
Michael Kelly and the law guys are amazing. They really care about their clients! Toni
lauretta raffi
Lauretta Raffi
16:04 23 Oct 23
I cannot say enough about the law firm of Kelly and associates. From the first day they took my case up until now which is October 2023! They have been in constant touch with me at least once a week to give me an update. Teddy who I am working with is amazing. He is very informative and if I happen to call him for any reason, he calls me right back even on the weekends. Everyone in that firm is excellent. So if you have an accident or anything that Is related to a legal matter, I would call Kelly and associates first before I called anyone else.Then you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.

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