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Broken Bones: Fractures

At Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, our Boston broken bones lawyer takes on injury cases involving broken bones, a common injury associated with car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Healing from a fracture can be a long and painful process. Even a minor fracture can require weeks of restricted mobility and pain.

Motorcycle accident

As co-counsel for misdiagnosis resulting in above-the-knee leg amputation.

Car accident

As co-counsel for a client who suffocated and died while cleaning her tracheotomy.

Pedestrain accident

As co-counsel for anesthesia death.

Slip And Fall

As co-counsel for misdiagnosis resulting in above-the-knee leg amputation.

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Why should you hire a Boston broken bones lawyer? The injury may affect your ability to work, drive, and simply enjoy life. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology, “long bone fractures are costly, both in terms of direct medical costs and lost productivity.”

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The average direct costs for the fracture of a major arm, hip, or leg bone can be as high as $12,900 in the six months after your accident. The medical costs for multiple fractures in that same period can be $39,000. Money lost from missing work can add another $2,600 to the cost and short-term disability expense can reach $4,600 for multiple fractures.

Our legal team can help you recover for those expenses. You deserve justice and compensation for your injuries. Our aggressive legal team is ready to get to work for you. This is what we do. Call us today for help filing your personal injury claim.

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30-Day, Risk-Free Guarantee

In the event that you are dissatisfied within the first 30 days, you may have your file returned to you by the firm, free of charge.
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Types of Fractures

There are several types of fractures, each requiring specific medical actions.

  • Stable fractures

    The bone has broken but has not moved out of place. These fractures are easier to treat, as all that is necessary is to restrict motion long enough for the bone to join together. Older people take longer to heal and even a stable fracture can lead to complications.

  • Open, compound fractures

    When the skin has been pierced by a piece of bone, there is much higher chance of developing a serious infection, which can be exceptionally difficult to treat. In some cases, the bone is actually visible, while in others it may remain hidden in the soft tissue. These fractures may require surgery to put the bone back into place, often involving pins or plates, and will take far longer to heal.

  • Transverse fractures

    These are fractures that are across the bone, horizontally.

  • Oblique fractures

    An oblique fracture is at an angle across the bone.

  • Comminuted fracture

    One of the most serious types of fractures is when the bone has broken into several pieces. This is often the result in a car, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident. When the bones cannot be mended by surgical treatment, the most damaged limbs may require amputation.

The Healing Process for Broken Bones

After a bone has broken, the tissue in the area becomes inflamed and swells, typically lasting for about two to three weeks. The fracture then slowly begins to heal, but the bone is not stable. New bone is forming, but is “soft.” The reformation of the bone will begin once the inflammation has reduced. This bone formation stage lasts from four to six weeks after the injury.

Between four and eight weeks from the time of the injury, the hard bone begins to grow and bridge where the bone was broken. By about 12 weeks from the time of the injury, new bone has filled the fracture.

The final phase is called “bone remodeling,” which is the body working to correct any deformities, and this part of the healing process could continue for several years.

Every person heals differently, and age and general state of health are factors that may make the process shorter or longer. Children tend to heal more quickly, whereas older adults will take longer.

Complications After a Fracture

Some of the complications that commonly arise with fractures include infections and swelling, which can put so much pressure on the blood vessels that the blood flow to the injured area is restricted, leading to muscle tissue dying, and finally, long term disability. The arteries around the site of the injury can be damaged, or the patient may suffer from premature arthritis, growth abnormalities, slowed healing, a failure to heal, or a misalignment.

Other complications include blood clots, pressure ulcers from casts, damage to the surrounding tissue, blood vessels or organs, and wound infections.

Compensation for Broken Bones

If you suffered any type of fracture, your life took a sudden turn for the worse. You were unable to work for a period of time, and the injury involved expensive medical bills and other financial losses. The pain and suffering associated with your injury must be paid by the party who was responsible.

When you connect with a Boston broken bones lawyer, you can be confident that we will pursue a settlement that addresses all of the damages in your case. There are two types of damages that must be valued:

  • Economic Damages: The damages related to financial losses are called economic damages. This is money that pays for your medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages, property damage, and other hard costs.
  • Non-Economic Damages: The non-economic damages you have suffered are more personal. These are issues such as the pain and suffering you experienced, and any loss of quality of life or other similar damages. These damages can be a significant value, based upon your condition and how the injury affected your life.

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30-Day, Risk-Free Guarantee

In the event that you are dissatisfied within the first 30 days, you may have your file returned to you by the firm, free of charge.
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