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A large percentage of the population is affected by what is commonly described as a “bad back.” Herniated disc or bulging disc back injuries can cause chronic and permanent pain. If the herniated disc or bulge is touching a nerve root, the pain can be unbearable. These injuries can also lead to long-term deterioration, disability, and even the need for surgery. If you have suffered a recent injury, you may require a herniated disc injury attorney.

Many car accident victims that suffer herniated or bulging discs do not become aware of their injury until days, weeks, or even months after their accident, slip and fall, or workplace injury. In many of the cases our we see, an MRI is required to diagnose the extent of the injury. Our lawyers work with the best medical professionals in Massachusetts to ensure our clients are correctly diagnosed and receive the best medical care available.

Unfortunately, MRI’s are very expensive and are not regularly ordered in an emergency room following a car accident.. In fact, insurance companies, and often doctors, discourage the ordering of an MRI because of their cost. Because our attorneys are aware of this fact, we encourage our clients to insist on an MRI if they experience continued back or neck pain. We also encourage our clients to keep in mind that waiting too long before insisting on an MRI can result in an argument from the insurance company that the injury was not caused by the accident.

Types of Ruptured Disc Injuries

Ruptured disc injuries are generally felt immediately, although symptoms may present weeks or months later. A herniated or ruptured disc can hit nerve roots causing uncomfortable sensations, tingling, or numbness in the back, buttocks, arms, or legs. Many of our clients describe the feeling as “pins and needles.” Different types of herniated discs include:

  • Cervical: These herniated discs are in the neck. Cervical disc injuries can affect the head, neck, shoulders, upper back, and arms.
  • Thoracic: These herniated discs are in the middle back. Thoracic disc injuries can affect the upper regions of the back as well as the lower extremities of the body.
  • Lumbar: These herniated discs are in the lower back. Lumbar disc injuries can affect the lower back, buttocks, and legs. The pain is often described as radiating or tingling.

Treatments for Herniated Discs

Getting the proper treatment for these serious injuries is very important for recovery. If left untreated, herniated, bulging, or ruptured discs can result in permanent nerve damage. Common treatments methods include:

  • Steroid/cortisone injections
  • Spinal manipulation or massage
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain reducing medication
  • Surgical discectomy
  • Surgical fusion
  • Artificial disc replacement

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