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Winthrop is one of the oldest towns in the United States and one of the smallest and most densely populated ones in Massachusetts. It is a beach community on the southernmost part of the North Shore, very close to Boston and Logan International Airport.

In addition to being small and densely populated all year round, Winthrop has numerous beaches such as Winthrop Beach, Yirrell Beach, Donovan’s Beach, Halford Beach, Pico Beach, Short Beach, and Point Shirley Beach. These beaches bring many more visitors during the warm months.

Winthrop and Yirrell Beach are the most popular for residents and city visitors. Winthrop Beach, while it does not have a boardwalk, features giant rocks for climbing and areas of flat sandy beach to relax. People from surrounding towns, and Boston, can get to the beach via public transportation, or park for free on the street. Yirrell Beach is very popular for families and small children. This beach boasts large sandy areas and the water tends to be more shallow, and warmer as a result. It is also the home of many town celebrations, including the Town Family Day at the Beach, and the Sandcastle Festival.

Winthrop is also home to two historic military forts. Fort Banks and Fort Heath, which were Coast Artillery Forts that defended the Boston Harbor during the 1900s. These sites offer an additional draw for those who live in and around the Boston metro area.

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