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peabody, ma slip and fall accidents lawyerBy law, property owners are required to keep their premises safe and free of hazards. It is important to seek legal advice immediately after any serious fall that may have been caused by the negligence of others. Our firm can negotiate an equitable settlement with an insurance company. Should a final settlement offer not meet your expectations, you have the legal option to file a personal injury lawsuit in court.

If you have sustained serious injuries in a slip and fall accident on either public or private property in Peabody, MA, the legal team at Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers can help you seek financial compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of income, and other damages. Call (800) LAW-GUYS for a free consultation and case analysis. We will listen to your story and advise you of your legal rights.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Peabody, MA

Most slip and fall accidents occur in facilities with high pedestrian traffic, including:

  • Crowded airports, where other distracted travelers can cause you to fall.
  • Motels and hotels, where cleaning carts and dirty dishes can block hallways and luggage on the lobby floor can present a hazard.
  • Shopping centers, where the floor space is large and hard to keep clean, dry, and free of small objects that can throw you off balance.
  • Grocery stores and restaurants, where food and liquids are often left on the floor, and where wet tile floors in public restrooms are very slippery.

Negligence Is Failure to Remove Hazards

By law, private property or business owners must take reasonable actions to prevent accidents by maintaining their property, which includes removing hazards that could trip unsuspecting visitors. If they fail to do so, they are deemed to be negligent in their responsibility to keep the public safe.

Some things your slip and fall lawyer in Peabody, MA will investigate about your slip and fall accident include:

  • Whether parking lots, curbs, steps, and sidewalk surfaces were maintained and free of cracked cement, potholes, unmarked dips, or sudden drops in elevation
  • If ice was allowed to accumulate on a walkway or staircase
  • Whether any automatic doors were functioning properly
  • If the lighting was adequate
  • If a small object or slippery liquid was left on the floor
  • Whether warning signs were displayed

If these or other elements contributed to your slip and fall accident, we may be able to help you pursue damages through a premises liability claim..

We Can Collect Medical Testimony

Our legal team can help demonstrate the full extent of your damages in many ways. We can:

  • Gather testimony from EMTs that treated you on the scene and transported you to the emergency room.
  • Establish that your fall on a hard surface or tumble down a set of stairs was the direct cause of the injuries you sustained.
  • Show that any long-term treatments you received and are receiving are fair, reasonable, and medically necessary.
  • Collect statements from surgeons, radiologists, plastic surgeons, neurologists, orthopedists, dermatologists, and physical therapists who have helped with your recovery.
  • Interview psychologists, psychiatrists, or mental health counselors helping you overcome cognitive issues stemming from a concussion or other brain injuries or mental anguish you have suffered due to your injury.

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