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Needham Slip And Fall Lawyer

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The MassachusettsВ Department of Public Health estimates that during a year, about 30% of emergency room visits in Massachusetts are a result of unintentional falls. More than 33,000 results in a hospital stay with more than 750 fatalities. For Needham residents, slip and falls might happen while catching one on the MBTA stops on the Needham Line: Needham Heights, Needham Center, Needham Junction, and Hersey. They might also occur at home, at work, or while shopping at one of your favorite big-box retailers or one of the local businesses on Great Plain Avenue. Anyone can be a victim of a slip and fall accident, but trends across the state and the U.S. reveal that those who are over age 65 are at the greatest risk, especially for slip and fall accidents that result in fatalities..

At Michael Kelly, we are empathetic to the struggles of dealing with the aftermath of a slip and fall injury. In addition to the physical pain that comes with healing, medical bills are likely piling up while losing income from missed work, for those that are of working age. We can help reduce some of your stress by advocating for you if your slip and fall accident occurred because of another party’s negligence.

If you, your child, or an elder that you love has been injured in a slip and fall, you or your family member might be able to receive compensation for losses related to your injury. Contact one of our seasoned slip and fall attorneys in Needham for a free consultation to discuss your case and the ways in which we can help you.

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