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Injuries occurring from construction site accidents are frequent and often severe. Not only may victims of construction site accidents suffer from serious injuries, but long absences from work may affect their families as well. Indeed, employment in the construction industry is known for being dangerous.

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a workplace injury, you will need a Boston construction accident attorney to guide you through the process. We have a reputation of success when attempting to recover money on behalf of injured individuals across Massachusetts.

After being involved in a workplace injury, you will likely hear from the workers’ compensation department of your employer. Though workers’ compensation helps to ease the financial strain associated with mounting medical bills and lost wages, this coverage is not always enough.

In the event your injuries are significant, you, or your family, may be entitled to file a claim for additional financial coverage. Many times, complex injury cases are an expensive legal undertaking. At Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, our dedicated and driven team of lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to advance these cases.

Determining Liability After a Construction Accident

After a workplace injury, contact us immediately. Upon retaining your claim, we send out notice letters to all responsible parties, conduct extensive accident scene investigations, and consult experts in order to position your case to win. We also work with governmental run authorities, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), in order to determine who was responsible for your injury.

Causes of Construction Accidents

Common workplace injuries involve defects with:

  • Falls from scaffolds or cranes
  • Falls from roofing, ladders, or staging
  • Accidents while using tools that inflict damage
  • Wall collapse
  • Failure to provide adequate workplace training
  • Failure to work employees of known hazards
  • Careless use of construction zone equipment

Establishing liability for a workplace injury is very difficult and you will need a firm that knows how to handle these types of cases. At Michael Kelly Injury Lawyers, we are not a firm that retains every case that calls in to our firm. We try to be very selective when taking on new cases. In the event our team does not think we are the right fit for you and your situation, we will tell you.

We try to be as transparent with our clients and potential clients as possible and are always available to answer questions or talk about the status of a case. This business model has allowed us to achieve tremendous results on behalf of our clients. Contact a Boston construction accident attorney today and let us help you recover from the damages your construction injury has caused.

Low Ball Offers – We Don’t Accept Them and Neither Should You

We never accept low ball offers and will fight all the way through trial, if necessary, to recover you the money you deserve. With exorbitant medical bills, time away from work, loss of consortium claims, and tremendous amounts of pain and suffering, our team understands how serious obtaining maximum compensation is for you and your family.

Though no amount of money can repair the damage done by a catastrophic injury, we can help soften the financial blow. Many of our clients report the compensation we recovered on their behalf was the first step on the path to recovery.

Common Injuries from Workplace Accidents

Workplace injuries are extremely diverse. Because workers are exposed to varying degrees of danger depending on the job, the injuries can be fairly minimal or extremely severe. Though it is difficult to categorize common workplace injuries, injuries frequently reported include:

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If you, or a loved one, have been victimized by another’s negligence at your workplace or in a construction zone, contact our experienced legal team for help. If you were injured by someone or something other than your employer, such as an equipment manufacturer, land owner, or third party contractor, there may be excess insurance coverage available.

Our Boston construction accident lawyers aim to help victims of construction zone or workplace accidents in and around Boston, Worcester, Lowell, Brockton, Brighton, Alston, Cambridge, Somerville, Chelsea, Everett, Framingham, Springfield, Fall River, Quincy, Brookline, and more..

Our experienced team of trial lawyers can help you. We have a track record of success and a reputation as a firm that will not rest until our clients are adequately compensated. To speak with a Boston construction accident attorney today, call us at 617.807.0855. To have one of our attorneys contact you, please fill out the contact us form.

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