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Construction Defect Injury Attorney

A construction defect is a condition occurring from the construction of a residential or commercial property that reduces the value of the property. These defects can arise from a variety of circumstances. Some of the most common include:

  • Site selection and planning
  • Ground analysis and preparation
  • Architectural design
  • Engineering
  • Building materials
  • Construction

Construction defect cases can also arise from situations that include various claims because of multiple issues. Some examples include:

  • Improper landscaping
  • Improper or defective irrigation
  • Faulty drainage systems including water seepage at the floors, walls, roof or windows
  • Structural failures including cracks in the structure or foundation of the building
  • Dry rot, termites, molds, and bacteria
  • Improper or defective heating and ventilation
  • Improper or defective electrical systems
  • Improper or defective plumbing
  • Inadequate sound control
  • Inadequate fire protection
  • Inadequate or defective lighting and security

Elements of Construction Defect Case

In order for a court to find a construction team liable for a construction defect, the specific condition under review must have:

  • Resulted from, or be associated with, a violation of applicable building codes
  • Resulted from construction practices that are below the required standard of care in the building industry
  • Resulted from a deviation from the plans and specifications
  • Fell below the reasonable expectations of the property owner

Even if liability appears obvious, there are many issues and possible defenses to a defect claim. You will likely need a member of an experienced law firm to help guide you through the claims process in order to achieve the highest likelihood of recovery.

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